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About Us

Brisbane Piano Centre.

Brisbane Piano Centre has been operational since November 1979 when it was started by Kerry Cooper in a small shop on Ipswich Road Annerley. Kerry had completed a 5 year apprentiship with W.H. Paling Pty Ltd in January 1969, after which he was on the road as a country tuner for Palings covering the area bounded by Brisbane, Rockhampton & Winton. He later worked for Flanders Music, Toowoomba & Warwick and the Australian Academy of Music, Brisbane.

Kerry was a founding member of the Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild (Qld) inc. and is still an active member holding various committee positions over the years. He has been the industry representative on the Furnishing Industry Training Council until it was abolished by the Federal Government. Kerry was the Qld representative on the national curriculum committee which developed the training curriculum for the apprenticeship training in Australia. He personally developed three of the modules, Rebuilding, Player Piano rebuilding and Restringing including tuning plank and soundboard replacement. He was a part-time trainer for TAFE, delivering the training to apprentices.

During Kerry’s term as the Australasian Piano Tuners Technicians Association (APTTA) President, he was instrumental in getting the Training Package developed. It is now the standard for all training to be carried out in Australia. Both New Zealand and the United States of America are keen to establish the same standards in their countries.

Kerry has developed an excellent working relationship with fellow technicians in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China. He has represented the APTTA at International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians (IAPBT) conventions in Korea 2007, Taiwan 2011, China 2013 and USA 2017. He was President of the IAPBT 2008/2009 and the APTTA when the APTTA hosted the IAPBT convention in Brisbane in 2009.


Kerry holds the following qualifications:

1. Completed apprenticeship in Piano Tuning and Repairing.

2. Licenced Piano Disc installer

3. Licenced service agent for Piano Disc systems

4. Qualified TAE10