The following services are available.

Piano Tuning

We provide piano tuning services, to upright and grand pianos.

Brisbane Piano Centre

To preserve the quality of you piano, you should have your piano tuned at least once a year. If your piano is not tuned on a regular basis, it can drop in pitch and requires extra work to bring it back to A440. Extra work means it costs you more.



Quoted per job

Voicing explained Here



Quoted per job

To regulate a piano, we have to make adjustments to each note.

This link explains what regulation is. Action Regulation



A separate quote is provided for each rebuild

Reconditioning is the process of putting a piano back in good condition by cleaning, repairing, and adjusting for best performance with parts replacement only where necessary. This is most appropriate for a piano with only moderate wear or tho

se of medium value with average performance requirements.
Reconditioning does not involve replacing major components soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and most action parts. This means the performance and life-span of an older piano will not be restored to new. Instead, reconditioning is designed to improve a piano’s performance, keeping in mind both costs and benefits.



Rebuilding involves complete disassembly, inspection, and repair as necessary, including replacement of ALL worn, damaged, or deteriorated parts. This piano is then reassembled, tested, and adjusted to the same or similar tolerances as new. COMPLETE REBUILDING includes the entire pianos structure — including soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and strings — as well as the action, keyboard, and case refinishing.


Piano Disc Installation

We are licensed installers of all Piano Disc systems. See Piano Disc Products Here.


Player Piano rebuilding

We offer full player piano (pianola) rebuilding service.